Byford Dorpers


Welcome to Byford Dorpers

We breed purebred commercial and stud quality dorpers from our property in Jarrahdale, WA with the aim of providing quality sheep that are affordable for the small landholder.

We chose the Dorper breed as we were looking for a low maintenance sheep. The Dorper sheds its fleece during the warmer months (late Spring/Summer). The wool simply falls off the skin and onto the ground where it breaks down into the soil. The fleece regrows in Autumn when the temperature becomes cooler.

As they shed their wool, Dorpers do not require shearing and are less susceptible to flystrike. Dorpers eliminate the need for mulesing. Dorper sheep are also very friendly - ours even come when they are called!

Our foundation breeding stock were bought only from Registered Stud Breeders with the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia Inc. Byford Dorpers are also Registered Commercial Breeders with this society. Both owners of Byford Dorpers, Tracey and Terry have also completed the 5 day Junior Dorper Course with South African inspectors. Tracey has also completed a Low Stress Stockhandling course and we incorporate these principles into the daily management of our sheep.

Our sheep are inspected annually by qualified DSSA inspectors and 'Typed' to ensure that they meet the internationally recognised breed standards.

When purchasing our sheep, we provide unlimited after sales service via phone or email.

Dorper Sheep

A breeding ewe in late pregnancy with twins.


Byford Dorpers are Members of the Dorper Sheep Society Inc of Australia - Flock No. D739